Baart Paaimans: Lecturer in Social Work at the Avans University of Applied Sciences. In CASO: team member of work package 2.1. Expertise: intercultural communication, community building, empowerment, social inclusion.  Find out more on  LinkedIn.



Dr. Bea Van Robaeys:  Lecturer and Researcher Social Work at the Karel de Grote University College in Antwerp, Belgium. In Caso, in Work Package 2.1. on Developing a Patient-Partner Program and in Work Package 3: Evaluation. A specialist in social work research on social work practice in complex and super diverse contexts and qualitative and evaluation research methodologies.


Dianne van den Berg: Den Bosch, the Netherlands. I am a registered nurse and health scientist with experience in elderly care, home care and network organizations in social and health care. At Avans University of Applied Sciences I am a lecturer in the Nursing department. My focus is on communications skills and building bridges between education and health organizations.  In the Patient Partner program, my focus is on student mobility and developing education modules. LinkedIn profile:

Esmarie Wiese: Diploma in Midwifery, Psychiatry, Community Health and General Nursing; Diploma in Primary Health Care; B.Cur. Ed et Adm. Midwifery Lecturer at the Western Cape College of Nursing in George, South Africa. Team member of WP 2.3, The empowered Social Healthcare Professional in CASO.



Lloyd Leach: Academic/teaching staff in the WP 2.2, Healthy Lifestyle Programme, and support staff in WP 4.0, Dissemination & Exploitation. Affiliated to the Department of Sport, Recreation & Exercise Science, University of the Western Cape, South Africa, with specialization in physical fitness, sport safety, health and wellness. Check LinkedIn account.



Natashia MunaCoordinator of the Faculty of Health Science Writing Lab at the University of Cape Town.  In CASO WP2.1, The Patient Partner Project, and WP4, Dissemination and Exploitation. A Literacy Practices specialist. Connect via LinkedInTwitter and ORCID.

Pieter  Lievens: is a teacher and coordinator of International Relations at the Social Work department of Karel de Grote University College in Belgium. He is educated as a sociologist and specialized in European Social Policy Analysis. He has done research in the fields of: women in vulnerable labor positions, the participation of low class in social organizations, satisfaction among users of labor counseling services and in elderly care. He is a consultant for municipalities on local social policy planning. He has expertise in the design of e-learning environments. He coordinated many Intensive Programmes including on the methodology of Active Learning and on Entrepreneurship in Social Work and is involved in many international projects like CASO. More information on:  

ORCID Profile

Nazma Vajat: Senior Librarian: Western Cape College of Nursing. CASO Dissemination and Exploitation team member. A lifelong learner,  current interests: Social Media in teaching and learning, Blended Learning, Collaboration, Travelling and ArcheryFor more information find her on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Rene TeunissenProject leader and project manager for the CASO project. Departmental coordinator International affairs and international relations manager at Avans University of Applied Sciences, School of Health. As such, I am responsible for developing strategic internationalisation policy plans and operationalizing as well as implementing internationalisation policies in the healthcare and wellbeing educational fields.  Furthermore, based on my background as Human Movement Scientist, I am working as lecturer higher professional education in physiotherapy education. You can also find me on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and EAIE accounts.

Roselien Jonkers: Registered Professional nurse: Midwifery, Education, Primary Health Care, Management, MSc.  Lecturer at Western Cape College of Nursing in George, South Africa. Lecturing Community Health Science and Research. Member of WP 2.3, The Empowered Caregiver Programme  in CASO.


Simone Titus: Teaching and Learning Specialist at the University of the Western Cape, W.P 2.2 Health and Lifestyle project. For more information find her on LinkedIn and Research Gate.




Stef Janssens, RN, MSC: Coordinator of the skillslab at the Karel de Grote University college and researcher/trainer at the Expert center for Psychological well-being in Healthcare. Tutor at the IPCIH(inter professional collaboration in He) module and active member of ENM(European Nursing Module Network). Member of WP 2.1(advising role) and 2.3. and WP 4. For more information find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Talita van Schalkwyk, RN, BCur, Adv Diploma Nursing Education and Administration, MCur. Lecturer at Western Cape College of Nursing, South Africa. Member of Work package 2.3, The empowered Social Healthcare Professional in CASO. Works as a lecturer in Midwifery nursing Science with a keen interest in Ethics and Education. For more information find her on LinkedIn


Teneille Venter (Voke): Lecturer from CPUT, Sports Management Dept. focusing on Anatomy and physiology, Sports management, Community engagement Staff member from CPUT on the CASO project in WP2.2 and WP1. Current PhD student from UWC on the CASO project.



Véronique Fromont, RN, MSc: Coordinator clinical education in Nursing department at Karel de Grote University College. Member of the management team and WP 2.3, The empowered Social Healthcare Professional in CASO. As a lecturer in nursing specialized in End of Life Care. European coordinator of the European Nursing Module. Check LinkedIn and Twitter and accounts.




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