The main Work Packages of CASO consist of three content WPs, Quality Plan and Dissemination. See the subpages for more details.

Content Work Packages in a nutshell:

The Patient Partner Programme involves patients directly in the learning process. As part of this programme, professionals are taught how to consider things from a patient’s perspective. This allows patients, in turn, to contribute to the community.

The Health and Lifestyle Programme promotes a physically active lifestyle among young people. More physical activity during classes, prevention and learning how to make healthy lifestyle choices are the focus areas of this programme.

Empowered Caregiver, the final pillar, aims to provide social and healthcare professionals with further training and multidisciplinary professionalisation opportunities related to screening and rehabilitation of discharged hospital patients in their own homes.

The design of learning modules for current and future professionals is an objective of all 3 programmes. The project partners will collaborate closely on this, with each of them contributing their own expertise. The consortium also aims to create opportunities for student and teacher mobility and for work placements abroad.

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