By Miira Räty, Nursing student from Lahti University of Applied Sciences

Me and three other Finnish girls arrived in Cape Town, South Africa 16.2.2019. There were two kind-looking men waiting for us. I didn’t know then that they would mean so much after this journey. We stayed at Play Sport 4 Life’s premises with the students from Belgium and the Netherlands for two months.

After quick settle down us and students from Belgium and Netherlands went to two weeks lasting intensive course to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. After those two weeks, I was more comfortable to speak English and I got a few friends from South Africa. I learned more about children’s well-being. I was also more comfortable to start teaching children physical education.

After intensive weeks we started to work with Play Sport 4 Life. I went to Garden Village to teach children physical education. I’m glad that I had a coach with me because I haven’t worked with children before and it was a little terrifying to me. When I got to know those children working with them were easier. I got so obsessed (in a healthy way) to those children that even in my last day at Cape Town I went to see them one more time.

In my opinion, this CASO project gave me more than it took. It made me want to see and experience a world even more. I got a lot of new friends who I can’t wait to meet again. To me, this project was like winning a lottery.

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