By Carmen Watson

March 6th, looking back at my agenda, I see that March 6th was the third day I attended WD Hendricks primary school. I was actually surprised when I saw that because March 6th is the day that I started the project “Let them be Children”. It took three days for me to take action. Still, nothing felt like a hasty decision, this felt like something I had to, no, wanted to do. I wanted this because I think these children deserve it. What all these children have experienced is terrible, something that, if you ask for my opinion, nobody should be allowed to experience in their lifetime. Let alone at the age of 10 almost weekly (daily ..). Yes, these children deserve to be a normal child for a day, running around carefree, jumping, dancing.

The project was put into operation on 6 March, fundraising started on March 7th and June 7th was finally there. What obstacles have I not encountered in these past three months? The importance of communication has surfaced several times, reaching parents and raising money, working together with the school. So many challenges and yet, with some detours, we succeeded.


this way I want to thank everyone who has sponsored, helped, supported, super, thank you, it was a great weekend. The children enjoyed it so much and they were able to be a REAL child this weekend. We left early in the morning, with everyone on a big bus, and we started singing. A nice breakfast on arrival, picnic in the afternoon and eating out for dinner. So much to eat, there was no space for dessert. Plan B, find doggie bags and take all the remains home. We played games, played sports, painted up, held photo shoots and for the first time, the children saw a giraffe. Better yet, the children were allowed to feed the giraffe, feed ostriches (hilarious by the way) and had snakes around their necks. For both the children and for me this was a weekend to remember. Those happy faces, worth gold, something like that speaks volumes! A weekend that you all made possible!

Photos of the kids and the smiles that you helped put on their faces

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