By Max Horsman, Social Work student at Avans Hogeschool, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)

Image by Rene Teunissen

‘Only’ 5 more weeks and then my CASO adventure is coming to an end (I’m going to travel for a couple of weeks afterwards, but that is not part of the CASO programme). I’m currently finishing up my thesis. I made four recommendations for the management of the hospital. I analysed these recommendations in a advice report that I made. Even though I’m not finished yet, I can say that I’m really proud of the result that I got. It was really difficult to collect all the data in the hospital. But due to a lot of effort, perseverance and hope I was able to complete all my tasks regarding my thesis.

Besides finishing up my thesis, I was quite busy with other CASO activities this week. Some teachers from the Netherlands and Belgium arrived in George on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday the teachers, students and other participants from CASO went on a tour at the Human point of Origin. This was a guided tour that gave us information about some caves that were discovered. In these caves, archaeologist found a lot of information about the first humans. It was interesting to get to know this information. I learned a lot of things, for example; I didn’t know that the oldest remains of humans were found in South Africa.

On Thursday, I attended two workshops. These workshops were provided by the teachers from the Netherlands and Belgium. Even though these workshops were not really relevant for me (it was for the nurses/doctors of George Hospital), it was quite interesting to gain a little bit of extra knowledge.

I hope to finish working on my thesis in a couple of days. My deadline is on the 23rd of May, so I still have a little bit of time, but I want to hand it in as soon as possible of course!

P.S. I’ll be in Cape Town next week for the symposium of CASO on Friday. Because of this, we decided to have a little bit of a ‘holiday’. We rented an Airbnb in Observatory, a really nice neighbourhood in Cape Town were we’re going to stay for a week!”

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