By Terri van Iperenburg

“Get Back up Again”

Another week, another song stuck in my head that describes what I am going through. I don’t know if many of you saw the movie Trolls (I didn’t, but being a babysitter taught me many songs from this movie), but there is one scene where the happiest Troll ever goes on a journey and goes through the worst possible things that you can imagine. Still she keeps going and says to herself: I will get back up again! I loved this message soo much, because this motivation is what gets me going a lot of the times (you will get through all the horrible things, but you will get back up and make something of it).

I will describe what this week has been like and you will see why it was hard for me this week, but also a lot of great things happened! For example, this week was my birthday- 21!! When I woke up in the morning I received a lot of videos. Everyone in my family made a clip of them singing happy birthday or just wishing me a happy birthday in the most creative ways (I wish I could share some of them, but I will not ;)). I love you guys, it really made my day. When I walked out of my room the house was decorated with balloons and party hats and everything. It was really nice that my roommates took the effort to do it. What took them even more effort was baking the best cake ever. It took them over 3 hours and ofcourse there was some load shedding to make it even more interesting (that means the electricity shuts off for two hours, it usually happens 2 or 3 times a day).

Inbetween I did a lot of school work. I started sewing all of my fabrics together, which turned out to be a real task! I wish I listened to my dad better when he was sewing my badges from scouting on my blouse. But I got to it and am half way now! I also made a start with my interviews. I am going to let staff members score a number of statements between -5 and 5 in how much they feel a certain thing in relation to work pressure or personal pressure. For example how much stress they experience. But I will not be doing this the regular way by just having a conversation, but I bought a big foam board where I am going to draw on and let the staff members put on small cards with the statements written on. As a few of you know I have been working with creative resources throughout my whole study so I am happy I get the change to do this in my final project as well!

On Thursday we went on a hike and on a canoe trip in Wilderness. As I hadn’t canoed in over 8 years I was very nervous and also the hiking made me nervous, because of the last experience with the Table Mountain and going with people who are in a way better shape than I am at the moment, but I had loads of fun that day. The canoe trip offered an amazing view of the place and a little but of cooling off on a sunny day. When we went on the hike it proved to be not the hardest challenge ever and when we arrived at the waterfall I was amazed. We went for a swim and had a little accident with someones foot that landed on a rock (we went to the emergency for it, and now we will see how and when it will heal) (it wasn’t me by the way, and the person is more the okay now just needs a bit of rest every now and then).

Then it was time for another birthday! Max’s birthday was on Sunday the 24th (BIRTHDAY WEEK). My and the roomies made a chocolate mousse cake with strawberries from the strawberry farm here in George (shoutout to the Redberry farm that has the most amazing strawberries). The day was very fun, we had a lot of laughs (which we always have) and then we went out for dinner. We went to the most amazing restaurant. I have never eaten food that was this good in my entire life! And I’m not exaggerating. Charlotte and I had a ginger ale. So instead of a Gin and Tonic we got black gin with a ginger ale, which is honestly the best combination. And because I wanted to I had some sweet potato chips with my pasta, because those two things I love. Everyone found it hilarious, but sometimes you have to listen to what your heart wants and just do it (that is something I learned over the last 4 years in my study).

So that was my week! I hope you enjoyed the blog again and hope to hear from you guys soon!

Lots of love,

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