By Max Horsmans, a CASO student

Max and CASO participants

The first weeks in South-Africa has passed by really fast. I didn’t follow the entire first two weeks of “the intensive programme” because it didn’t line up with the ‘Care for the caregiver’-project. This project Started on the 4th of March, in George Hospital. George is a lovely village in the Western Cape. It is a lot more peaceful than Cape Town and there is less violence as well. The first days in George were really interesting. I got a lot of tours in several hospitals in George. I had a couple of conversations with Celesté Louw about my thesis. This helped me a lot to shape my research. I also want to thank Esmarie Wiese for showing me and my co-students around the first couple of days and taking such good care of us. I’m really looking forward to start with my thesis in George Hospital and tell you more about my activities!

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