By Terri van Iperenburg

Well here I am, back again with the blogging. This week was a stressful week for me. Yes Terri start with the negative (Don’t worry, the positives will come as well). This week I gave myself a lot of work for my research project. I have to write a proposal and the perfectionist I am just wasn’t happy with anything. But I pushed through and now I just mailed my teacher the document. I am quite proud of myself that I was able to finish it!

To switch up the work for my project I did a lot of fun things this week. For example the girls from the United Kingdom who live close to us, invited us to join them at a restaurant called: The Fat Fish. The name is hilarious and you can guess what kind of food they serve there… The food was delicious and I had an amazing night with everyone. I won’t put any pictures on my blog of the food, because I am not a food blogger (lol, wish I was though, that would be heaven).

I also went to the strawberry farm with two of the roomies as you can see in the pictures I put above my blog. You can pick your own strawberries, go trough the biggest maze and do loads of other fun stuff! We did the maze first were we had to find 8 stations and find stamps there to put on our cards. When we found all of them (including the golden strawberry) we would get a present. The time people usually take to complete the maze is 2 hours, but we managed to do it in 50 minutes (yes I am bragging here, even though it is a kids thing). We had soo much fun and laughed a lot, even though it was such a hot day and we sweated like crazy! If you ever decide to visit South Africa I definitely recommend to go to this place, because you are going to have an awesome time there, promise!

Then on Sunday I was woken up by my roomies. Because it is almost my birthday (TOMORROW I WILL BE 21) and the Belgium girls have 12 hour shifts they can’t celebrate it with me in the morning. So they decided to go out early in the morning and buy me an amazing surprise breakfast. They even sang Happy Birthday to me at my door (which I found very awkward but also very sweet, thanks guys)! And because it is my birthday we will go out for dinner tomorrow at an amazing Italian restaurant (I got to pick, so of course it will be Italian food). Also me and my fellow Dutchie promised to bake each other cakes for our birthdays (his birthday is on the 24th) so I’m very curious to what he will make me (IT BETTER BE GOOD, joking).

Lastly I want to tell you about my research that I started. I started doing my pre-research in the hospital, because me as a social worker had never been in a hospital before, so I wanted to know a little about the activities that go on in the departments I am going to do my project with. So this Friday I went to the Out-Patient Department and the Emergency Department. I met some very nice people who were excited about the project I was going to do. So I looked at people drawing blood, visited a chemo therapy room, saw the eye clinic, saw some big wounds being taken care of, and saw some other very interesting things I had never seen before! I was very interested in the way things worked and how everyone was working together and how the bonds between patient and doctor/nurse were like. I learned a lot in that day and hope to see much more of that this week and next week.

Well that was it for my adventures from last week, hope you guys enjoyed reading another blog post and talk to you next week 😉

Lots of love,


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