Street art on Bogaarde straat, Antwerp

At the end of our fifth CASO staff meeting, and as we enter the final stretch of our project, it is a good time to look back, reflect, and take stock. I have previously written about how much I have grown as part of CASO and indeed about the growing pains, and now, finally, it feels as if we are starting to see the fruits of our labour.

The Antwerp meeting, hosted by Karel de Grote, was everything I have come to expect from our staff weeks – challenging, intensive, frustrating, exhausting, demanding, invigorating, and fun. But it was also something more – comfortable, creative, collaborative, and constructive.

I felt like we got into our team groove much faster than ever before, and when the curve-balls came (as they always do!) we took them in our stride. When we felt like things were going wrong, we didn’t fester, we sat down and talked. We shared the work we have been doing with one another,  and gave each other constructive feedback as we collaboratively worked to make a stronger whole.

It feels like we have at last put down roots and anchored ourselves enough so that when the wind comes up, we don’t blow over, we just sway back and forth and keep stretching towards the sun.

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