Finally, it was our turn to host the CASO staff meeting. The road to this meeting, I mean the organizing and logistical part, wasn’t really a smooth one. You could call it a bit bumpy and it made me sometimes a bit restless… but it was worthwhile. All of it. The official program was set, we had more time in our workpackages, we had enough time to think and discuss the horizontal connection and we have discussed our last meeting and the end symposium. The European Commission will be proud of us.

Besides the hard work during the day, we also had some informal time together… for me, this time is as important as the working time, because relations are getting more solid whilst having a chat or having a beer… And we did have a beer or 2…  The CASO peoples are a great bunch of peoples, all with our own qualities and unique skills. Together we can create something great for future healthcare education and professions in the broadest sense.  Thanks to all of you! I loved to see that you all enjoyed KdG, Antwerp and our small Belgian country.  Looking forward to the CT meeting in May 2019.

Sending you all three kisses, Véronique

PS: While we were working in Antwerp, something else very special and unique took place… Chris Jnr., the youngest member of CASO went to a Belgian secondary school together with my daughter Lize. He presented interesting topics about his country to Belgian teenagers. He learnt about life in Belgium and took part in our family life. Thanks, CASO for this opportunity!

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