– By Teun Snijders, student of Avans Hogeschool, The Netherlands – 

While the second month is passing I notice that life here is getting more structured. In the first month everything was new but now I have my own room in De Waterkant, I have many friends and I have structure. For example, my week starts on Monday at 06:00. I wake up and get ready to be at Best Western for the pick up to Garden Village Primary. I work there till around 14:30 and head back home with the bus from PS4L. After that I usually go to the beach or gym and have dinner at one point. This is what I repeat till day Thursday.

It happens of course that other plans are made, so took one of the teachers from Garden Village Primary me to play some golf and on Wednesday the sixth week. The school also gave us chicken feet on the house, what was fun because the kids loved it and most teachers don’t even want to touch it. And on other days I have something else to do. Time is flying now and because of that I went to the Dutch consulate to find out if I could extend my visa. Dutch interns there helped me and gave me a number of a South African guy who is helping me for the extension.

This passed month nothing really extraordinary happened. The weeks flew by like crazy and I am still having a great time with work in the weekdays and surfing, wine tasting, exploring, hiking and of course partying in the weekends.

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