CASO Intensive Program from 5/2/18 to 16/2/18- Reflections by KdG Students

Quite unexpectedly I was not able to finish my last year of nursing studies last year. Because of this, I decided to make the best of my “unwanted” bonus year and I decided to take all opportunities that came my way. One of them was to sign up for a short internship in Europe, but shortly afterwards I also got the chance to participate in the CASO Intensive program in Cape Town. I didn’t have to think twice about it! The aim was to write a group program for teachers allowing children, aged 14 to 17, in schools in the Townships to participate more during classes of physical education and at the same time also give education about a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits. To prepare ourselves for the assignment, we received various workshops about empowerment, the learning program, physical activities, etc. In addition to the educational program, we also participated in some recreational activities, such as trips to the most fantastic places I’d ever seen. But I will especially always remember and think back with a warm heart at our visit to the Drakenstein Association for Persons with Disabilities – APD. This place, or more specifically all people, teachers and pupils, working here together on a better future for people with a disability, has left me with such a positive vibe that I absolutely intend to go back there someday.
Please do check out their Facebook page and you’ll see why!

While the news on television only mentions the scarcity of water, the election of a new president because of the corruption of the previous, the expropriations of the white farmers, I especially will
remember the warmth of the South African people, their hospitality and the untouched nature that I have come to know in Cape Town and its surroundings. Going back to University after my fortieth birthday was already quite an adventure for me, but my participation in the CASO program in Cape Town was in every way the icing on the cake!  Love, Helen

P.S. In need of an extra tip? Be sure to visit the Barnard Museum and do not forget to take part in a guided tour! That lady guide was so great and funny to listen to; it was the Best Guide Ever, by far!


These two weeks In South Africa were an unforgettable moment in my life, not only because I met friends in Africa for life, but also learned and seen so many things that have inspired and fascinated me. – Dagmara

This country has beautiful sights! I learned a lot! – Astrid 


I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to participate in the CASO-project! This experience has made me more fulfilled as a person. Nobody can take away this experience. I have met very wise people who shared their experiences and we have learned a lot from them. We had lectures about the social issues in South-Africa, life lessons about empowerment…

I found it very meaningful to develop an active and educative program for the students. We walked through the process and achieved our goal together by giving the learners a fun afternoon and teach them something at the same time! We also had a chance to discover Cape Town itself. We didn’t have much time, but we managed to visit the most beautiful places. First we went to Signal Hill to watch a mesmerizing sunset, later we went to visit Waterfront to do some shopping, then to Bo’kaap to see the funny coloured houses. We have seen penguins, lions, baboons and ostriches from very nearby. The Cape of Good Hope and the national park around it is marvellous. And of course we climbed up Table Mountain! And at night, we went dancing in Stellenbosch! Cape Town can offer great things for everyone. You can even swim with crocodiles, if you dare to! Except for all these great moments, I have made friends for life during the project. It is also because of them that this adventure was so unforgettable! I’m most grateful to them and our organizers for this wonderful and unforgettable experience! I will be visiting this beautiful city as much as I can! – Jentel


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