By: Stef Janssens

CASO meeting Cape Town March 2018 From working hard together, make fun, create and learn.

 Going to Robbeneiland, Watching Rugby in Wellington, seeing kids running in the Velodrome at Belville, discussing how we can work together, create new content, material……and at the end of the week you are thinking this is not work, this is big family coming together.


CASO gives you the opportunity to grow, grow as a person, grow as a professional, grow as a place where students can learn, grow …….

Can CASO make a difference? Definitely, it makes a difference in Europe and South Africa!

The best was yet to come! Nervous for the SBAR/CRM workshop but after two days of training with enthusiastic people so satisfied we organized this.  Many thanks to everyone who made this possible!



Up to Antwerp in November 2018!



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