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CASO Caring Society Newsletter, December 2017

This is the second newsletter of Caring Society. Caring Society (CASO) stands for Building Communities, Social Inclusion and Health(care) Development. The consortium consists of 3 South African and 3 European universities which closely collaborate to:

  • further develop and improve healthcare and wellbeing education,
  • improve the position of patients by involving them in classroom settings,
  • promote healthy life styles and
  • improve the competence level of healthcare professionals.




The CASO project marches onward with accelerating speed. We have moved from the start and orientation phase to the “do” phase and started to work on more and more concrete actions and outcomes.
In October 2017, a CASO project meeting was organized by Lahti University of Applied Sciences in FellmanniCampus, Lahti, Finland. Altogether almost 100 people were involved during the week in meetings, workshops and field visits.


Quality Workshop

A quality workshop was organized as part of WP3: Quality assurance of CASO project. CASO quality areas, goals and tools were defined and scheduled. The  quality areas are:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Student Mobility
  • Common Collaboration of the CASO Consortium.

In addition, the project’s External Review Committee was announced:

  • Annick Vlaminckx: Director Department “Support” – Catholic Education Flanders
  • Mervin Bakker: Representative Nuffic/Neso for South-Africa
  • Sonia Botha: Provincial Deputy Director: Child Health, Integrated School Health & Adolescent Youth Services and
  • Dr. Omar Esau: Lecturer Curriculum Studies Stellenbosch University.

The external review committee will participate in the CASO South Africa project meeting in March 2018.


Intercultural workshop

As a part of WP 2.1. (Patient Partner Programme), Dr. Busayo Ige, Dr. Rachel Weiss and Dr. Elmi Badenhorst from the University of Cape Town facilitated an interactive ”Intercultural workshop” for  a group of around 60 participants which was a diverse mix of international LAMK students, South African CASO exchange students and CASO staff. The workshop offered a facilitated opportunity for participants to examine their own notions of culture and the richness of cultural diversity within the group.

The workshop’s content explored communication styles across cultures, challenges in intercultural communication and in distinguishing cross-cultural from intercultural communication. Feedback from the workshop indicated that it was a valuable learning opportunity and that future iterations should allow even more time to engage with practical and personal examples.


Health and Lifestyle Programme


The Health and lifestyle programme creates a plan for teachers in primary schools, who teach 10-13 year old children in Cape Town. The programme is to promote physical activity, physical exercise and understanding of healthy lifestyle choices of children. Students are planning and implementing the program during their learning process. The building of online course and intensive course are in progress and first pilot are about to start in December 2017.


Care for the Caregiver Programme
Planning of learning module “Empowered caregiver programme” was designed in Lahti. Contents of module are:

  • Leadership and interprofessional development,
  • Evidence based health care
  • Critical thinking and decision making

The content of the module was defined and will be further developed. Part of the module, Evidence based health care, will be piloted in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) format 2018.



As a result of CASO project, the WP 2 designed learning modules will be published as MOOCs (Massive Online Open Course). The MOOCs will be available also after the project duration for a wide audience to be self-studied and to be used as part of curricula in the participating universities and above.



The CASO Consortium will meet next time in March 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. In the mean time, we will not rest, but work on the tasks outlined in the Lahti meeting. Please follow our web site and social media to keep up to date!

The CASO Consortium wishes you a merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2018!


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