Written by Dr. Simone Titus

This week has been challenging as the time that was needed to reach the outcomes of the programme as set out by the project leads. Despite these challenges, the teamwork and commitment displayed by the consortium members was outstanding and highlighted the importance and value of collaborative practices toward the achievement of deliverables. Many of the activities during the week was insightful and the technologies used in health care was particularly interesting for me. The visit to the simulation centre presented insights into how clinical reasoning can be developed through constructed simulated activities that had very specific pedagogical focus and structure.
Culturally, I am torn and conflicted with my views on the virtual health care as I come from a place where communities take care of the elderly in a hands on manner. The virtual system on the one hand appeared impersonal, however, on the other hand it demonstrates some interpersonal contact in a virtual environment.  The social activities planned by colleagues from LAMK really solidified the relationships built over the past year in the project. Good food and good company!!!

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