Written by Bea Van Robaeys

Quality control and monitoring are an essential part of the activities of the Caring Society Consortium. An extremely important instrument for quality control is the installation of an External Review Committee. This committee consists of four experts, two European and two South-African partners. They have three main tasks: to assess the workplan and the quality standards of our project, an evaluation of the draft design of the three programmes during a mid-term review in Capetown in March 2018, and the end term review of the developed programmes.

We proudly present the members of the External Review Committee: Annick Vlaminckx is departmental director of the Umbrella Organisation for Catholic Education in Flanders (Belgium). Mervin Bakker is the representative director for South-Africa of Nuffic/Neso. Sonia Botha is provincial deputy director of the department for child health, integrated school health & Adolescent Youth Services in the Western Cape. Our fourth member is Dr. Omar Esau, he is a lecturer Curriculum Studies at the Stellenbosch University.

Welcome and thank you for joining the Caring Society Consortium!

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