Second Caring Society 3.0 meeting in Avans Hogeschool, Breda, The Netherlands


The entire CASO-team was present in Breda for our meeting during March 2017. The previous meeting was held in October 2016. Subsequently we had several Skype sessions leading up to our meeting in March 2017. These on-line contact sessions assisted us in planning and executing various aspects of our work package and moreover kept us in consistent contact. However collaboration was augmented at the meeting in Breda, by discussing challenges, plans and actions in person.

Within our project and especially within our topic, we are tasked with the responsibility to develop a curriculum to create a “liefdevolle leier”. Our inter-professional and intercultural team consists of members from South Africa, The Netherlands, Belgium and Finland: Celesté, Karien, Marleen, Charlot, Kristiina and Véronique: lecturers in nursing, social work and physical movement sciences.

Communication during Skype sessions presented some challenges, however the meeting in Breda was very productive.  We achieved our planned goals and obtained a greater understanding of intercultural differences. Working together was simultaneously inspiring and pleasant.

Our final outcome is a healthcare worker who will have expertise in evidence based healthcare, inter-professional collaboration, international development in healthcare, and leadership. To achieve this outcome we will develop different modules. We will draw from the expertise and knowledge of each partner. We will not recreate existing working structures and programs, but build on, adapt and expand these according to the specific needs of our target group.

As a focal theme for our program we chose a “liefdevolle leier”.  This leader is emotionally intelligent, passionate about healthcare, a visionary, competent, accountable, compassionate, empowering, supportive and a global citizen.

Three South African students participated in the inter-professional collaboration week at Karel de Grote, Antwerp under the CASO project. Feedback of this student mobility was included in our meeting program.


[Post written by the members of CASO Care for the Caregiver Programme]


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