Reflections by Molefi Shebi

From the moment we boarded in Cape Town, the experience was magical. A group a few of Boland students came to say goodbye as well as our tutors it was really special. I had to be brave for my dear colleagues, as it was their first time on a plane, and it was the first time for the three of us to be out of our home country. The moment has since then been too real to be real, “if that’s a sentence”. In a very simple and sensible term, it was simply amazing.
This is like a dream come true, I remember when I cried to go visit my grandmother during school holidays and my sisters drove without me, my mom told me “don’t worry, you will see the world, after all you’re still young”. I never would have thought that Istanbul would be first country I would land in, and Europe would be the first continent I visited. I must admit I have fallen in-love with the cities that we have seen so far. I had a glimpse of Brussels, I saw Antwerp and I have made awesome friends and had a chance to visit Gent. Everyone we met in Belgium has welcomed us with warmth and true sense of love, as though they’ve known us for some time or we were old friends.
The first week we did the Ipsig/inter-professional collaboration course. It was very educational, and not only the course, but meeting students from other countries, listening to how they approach health care and the systems they use, it was very interesting for us and quite exciting. I have learned that the core of inter-professional collaboration, is not just coming to together but to better the communication and focus mainly on the patient, it is also important for each member of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT)to know exactly what is it that the other one does.
Meeting new people or people from Belgium, to be more specific, was a highlight of my visit as everyone I met welcomed us with open arms; they are all friendly, loving and caring people. From Mr Stef, his family and Mrs Veronique and her family, ‘but of cause’ not forgetting they’re awesome colleagues, Mr Rene who came especially to see us and Mrs Bea and her family.
The buildings in Belgium are very unique and historic, which is one of the things that made me love this country and the other of course being its people.

This week has been full of wonders; I wish I had more than just a week at the IPSIG programme and more than just two weeks in Belgium. This week we begun with the CASO project at Karel de Grote, again meeting more people and making new friends, practising at the skills lab, learning new things was also amazing, and yesss…I played soccer with the tutors v/s students and really enjoyed myself, not forgetting all other adventures such as visiting the city centre of Antwerp, the most beautiful station in the world at Antwerp, boat trip and castle at Gent, not forgetting the Cathedral, cycling and we ate, mostly chocolates. If there’s something I would recommend, Mrs Fromont’s soup!!!!!!
-“But of cause”: a line I picked up at Belgium.


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