Teneille Venter gained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biokinetics at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University of Port Elizabeth. Thereafter she furthered her education with post graduate studies namely a Bachelor of Biokinetics with Honours (Hons) as well as a research study that culminated in a Masters of Biokinetics (MA). Her research interest that allowed her to complete her Masters study, was based on Type I diabetic individuals and how their blood glucose levels respond to endurance exercise, as well as how much glucose supplementation was required to maintain homeostatic blood glucose levels. Her particularly research and work interests is in the areas concerning sport/exercise and chronic diseases, children and adults with disability, rehabilitation of specific injuries and sport specific training.
She prides herself in being dedicated to her work and working diligently. She enjoys running amongst other forms of physical activity. She is passionate about the role movement has on improving the quality of life of all individuals.

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